Al Shbaily Resort - KSA

The art of Space

In Saudi Arabia, Al Shbaily resort is one of the multiple projects designed by Hany Saad Innovations. The mutual trust between clients in the Gulf region and Hany Saad Innovations is always fruitful. From resorts to residential buildings, the signature of Hany Saad Innovations is manifested through design.

A remarkable design seamlessly fits into the context, celebrating the Saudi Arabian culture and creating a sophisticated masterplan. The masterplan breaks linearity with subtle curves shaped by the forces of the embraced water. It is absolutely designed with ultimate opulence and lavishness.


The simplicity of design aims to evoke serenity and tranquility intensified by the rejuvenating natural elements surrounding every unit. The water elements and the green surroundings communicate in silence and create a relaxing ambiance. The hardscape and softscape are carefully juxtaposed and intertwined to provide the ultimate levels of comfort and functionality within the resort. All the amenities and services are provided to maximize comfort.

The beauty of the landscape results from interweaving the land with tranquil waters, where natural and artificial lakes create a space for the residential units to be located around the periphery, enjoying a beautiful view of both the green nature and glistening waters.
The tranquility of the natural ambiance emerges from the beautiful gulf waters that extend into the site to give unlimited views to all the units.

Creating a dialogue between two contrasting landscapes and desires. The smooth transition between the wanderlust found on the main road and the tranquility of the Gulf waters is made possible with the sophisticated master plan of Al Shbaily resort. Hany Saad Innovations brings the best of both worlds into one softly indulging designed masterplan.

Luxury in nature is an indulging experience where nature orchestrates the tranquil ambiance and embraces the contemporary architecture that lands with its pure colors and simple forms.
El Shbaily Resort,Al Khobar, KSA


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