Allegria Villa 

Ample harmonious space

Where functionality and beauty intersect, there are homes made to be lived-in, accommodating, and effective, with a touch of style. This villa is all of these things and more, while providing ample, harmonious space across three floors.

The pool runs along the entire back garden of the villa, alongside the patio and bar, decked in a variety of comfortable materials such as wood, tile and granite, which add a characteristic charm.
Access to the lower floor is possible through an outdoor staircase, which takes you to the sunken terrace and lounge area, away from the noise. Well lit and spacious, it is a supremely functional and attractive space, with trees protruding from the lower floor to above ground level and adding intrigue to an already unique space.

Exterior facade


Impeccable details are what bring this villa from luxurious to exhilarating. Full-length glass sliding doors allow an uninterrupted view of the landscape, while accent lights give the building unique form, and emphasize its cool white tones. Unique wooden doors adorn the entrance with decorative wooden boughs adding a symmetrical accent.

Reception + Dining


Inside, French-inspired opulence sets the mood for the main living and dining areas. Gold hues, frames and ornaments are offset by  cool whites and greys, as well as occasional bursts of color, in the carpet and ornaments. Cool Colonial Revival grey draws the eye away from the walls, to focus on the central furnishings in a move that is both comfortable and unintrusive.
A variety of materials meet here, from marble to wood, to metal and finally glass. The unique marble fireplace and hearth are supplemented by a glass enclosure, guaranteeing safety while providing a unique and new design element for inquisitive eyes.

Powder Room

Combining different textures in one structure greatly exemplifies and enables visitors in visualizing and in getting a feel of an architectural expression of the space in which they find themselves.


Design unity is achieved throughout the rooms via a variety of lux elements and textures, adding refined oneness visible even to the untrained eye. Between the powdery, comfort-inducing colors and materials of the bedrooms and the refined elegance of the living areas lies a delicate experiment in exploration; of variety, of intimacy and comfort within luxury.



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