Doray Bay - Ras El Bar

The art of Space

Development by

MBG Developments

A project by

Hany Saad Innovations

Doray Bay ,The first project in Ras El Bar city that provides luxury living of modern designed houses with pool view and beach view. It’s The perfect mix of Ras El Bar’s Nostalgia with the luxury of now.

1.0/ MBG Developments

MBG is the trusted companion and guide, the parental figure and friend; it’s the person who you look to for leadership, adventure, and comfort. 

MBG provides direction through innovation, always seeking to improve the lives of those they care about, and can always be relied upon due to their dedication and visionary view on life.

It represents the friend who seeks to create something honest and true, finding joy in building connections with an open mind and a strong sense of loyalty.

2.0/ Doray Bay


Doray Bay

Doray Bay located at 1 kilometer beach in Ras El Bar, in a very premium location, designed to include all the facilities a family is looking for, starting from Hotel Services, Commercial Services, & Club House. with variety of houses types, that varies between a Family Houses to Beach Residence, Garden Villas, Downtown Residence, Elite Chalets, Signature Chalets and Sky Villas, Clubhouse Residence. With areas starting from 60M and up to 300M with Gardens View, Pool View, Roof View and Beach first raw view.

The Location

A 1 km long site directly on the sea on Nakheel Street
A privileged location on the coast of Ras El Bar, with charming views of the Mediterranean Sea.

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3.0/ Amenities

Whatever thing you are looking to get, you will find at Doray Bay because it is an integrated project that works on the comfort and well-being of its residents by providing many services and facilities for them, such as:

  • Atms
  • Bicycle Sharing System
  • Indoor Pool
  • Central Satellite
  • Kids Area
  • Padel Courts
  • Pool And Serving Bar
  • Football Courts
  • Mini Mart
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Retail Outlets
  • Admin Offices
  • Security System
  • Clinics
  • Residential Parking
  • Gym

4.0/ Twin & Town Clusters

5.0/ Apartments


+20 2256 141 27 / +20 2256 141 28
+20 128 7831 831