GMC Office Building

Designed to evoke supremacy

GMC is one of the leading construction companies in Egypt, providing a wide array of top-quality services and solutions in infrastructure, commercial, residential and landscape projects.

“We pride ourselves on being highly experienced in all aspects of construction, delivering our services professionally and in a timely manner. Our team utilizes their professional skills and expertise to manage a wide range of diversified projects ranging from private developments to commercial and industrial, ensuring outcomes that exceeds clients’ expectations.

Our aim is to maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and equity with regards to our relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and clients.We are dedicated to empowering our workforce and ensuring our professional growth through rewarding careers. We are devoted to our employees’ safety, job security and family welfare.”

A spectacular moment in tiling design, we’ve created inlays within inlays of succinct, crisp and smooth marble, contrasted by light cream and dark grey colors with light grey veins. Low-lying furnishings in the reception area portrays a feeling of quiet lounging and serenity, while a wood-clad wall finish with built-in lighting beams creates the sense of an indoor skyline that blends seamlessly with the floor to ceiling windows displaying outdoor nature. 
A mix of lux materials characterizes the
contemporary office spaces, with geometric details made to stand out. Emboldened, textured walls, tiles and carpeting adorn every corner of the offices, with the main meeting room incorporating both, to offer a striking






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