Hacienda summer house 2

Ample harmonious space

This fascinating summer house at the Hacienda Compound in Egypt's North Coast is just as fascinating and vivid as one might expect. The polychromatic colour palette is likely to lift your emotions throughout the seasons. The area is given drama and depth by the pattern combination and bold colour palette. It has a certain energy to it that creates flow and a sense of continuity, adding to the enjoyment of your summer!

The identity of this house was inspired from the rich sea life, giving the look and feel of living on a magnificent yacht with classic furniture pieces and artwork by renowned artists to make each room individually distinct to express each family member's persona and character. Using the mansion's surroundings to project an island-inspired environment by completely enclosing it with water on all sides, as well as providing classic seating spaces accented with unique artefacts to add even more extravagant flair to the pool area.


Everyone will be greeted with light as they enter the organically flowing space and openness, which has been customized to the lifestyle. The spatial design effortlessly and stylishly incorporates all of your needs. Their minimalistic style blends nicely with the atmosphere of the house.
It is designed to provide you with as much of a coastal experience as possible, increasing your access to the sea view and the promise of a relaxing beach vacation. Moreover, provides you with seclusion as you enjoy the garden and everything it has to offer, from the sea wind to the sun rays to the purifying greenery.


Reception + Dining



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