Hacienda summer house 3

Ample harmonious space

This summer house was inspired by the rich marine life, with classic furniture items and artwork by renowned artists to create each space individually distinct to convey each family member's persona and character.

By entirely combining traditional seating areas with unique artefacts to lend even more lavish flair to the pool area, the mansion's surroundings were used to portray an island-inspired ambience. It combines elegant geometric lines with opulent modern interior finishes within a vast, natural beach setting.

One of the ways we've attempted to preserve and appreciate the current harmony of nature is by inviting formal minimalism into a sea-view unit. We're accentuating the beauty of an ever-present landscape and adapting ourselves to it by producing elegant design that fits effortlessly with nature while delivering shelter, comfort, and aesthetic intrigue.

The area is accented throughout with strong horizontal lines that draw attention to the horizon and lure it closer with each stride. Cool, light colour palettes blend seamlessly with the sky and the sun's changing colours throughout the day.


Every flat surface of the house's entrance is lined with spectacularly cohesive tiles. To guarantee that all edges are correctly curved and fit together like a magnificent puzzle, an eye for refinement is required. All materials adds an elegant touch, while diffused accent lighting gives gloss, transparency, and warmth.
The entryway and lobby feature statement items and design elements, offering welcome structure in a place that otherwise looks and feels like a promenade in the sky.


With its airy and unusual space architecture, its lovely design will bring comfort and relaxation. The construction combines modernity with minimalism in a way that seems both generous and useful. It was vital to have walls and open spaces. With bespoke furnishings and embellishments, it elevates the living space.


Guest Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Bedroom 01

Bedroom 02

Bedroom 03

Bedroom 04



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