Palm hills VILLA 

Space that Liberates

Immersed in a mesh of greenery, our charming Palm Hills Villa stands as a union of modern design and contemporary rustic style. A striking exterior entertainment area sits in the back garden, encased in glass.

Exterior & Landscape

Entrance & Reception

A striking arrangement of line and color, the reception area refines the art of exciting design. Earthy tones meet black, white, wood and brass, with striped floor tiles creating visual interest and leading towards the main living areas.
Spacious and colorful, with tropical motifs throughout, the lounging and dining areas are subtly separated by an elevation. Fully upholstered off-white seating creates a consistent theme throughout the room, with distinctive diamond-shaped tufting adorning both the dining chairs and bar stools.
The main entertainment area features an exceptionally unique tv unit inlaid with a single slab of dark marble, and flanked by shelving on either side. Low-lying sofa and ottoman allow the unit to take up the visual space of the room, allowing plenty of room to breathe and enjoy a balanced design.

Living Room

Master Bedroom

In the villa’s private rooms, the color palette takes a turn for the comfortable and cozy, featuring deeper and darker tones that are more pleasing to the eye. Mirrors make a prominent feature here, with full-length and ceiling-height being the new normal and adding dimension to the subdued tones.

Bedroom O1


Bedroom O2



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