Premier Romance Hotel

Ample harmonious space

Bright, sunny and fabulous. The ultimate holiday destination for effortless glamour.

The central lobby decor pieces provide endless fascination. The keen eye should be able to spot wave-like organic formations that cascade and accentuate the key elements of the natural living centrepiece.


Letting energy flow into the comfort of this sanctuary is achieved by its contemporary finishes that delight all the senses.

The rooms are all-neutral white taupe and grey, refreshingly bright and offer the sensation of being submerged in a light bath. The furniture arrangement in the rooms is framed by a separator that visually delineates the living space from the bed while maintaining the character of the room and its visual appeal.
 Decor elements bounce around, from marbled coffee tables to contemporary art pieces to a back-lit closet system. Every detail is added to expand the sense of space preserved through the room’s light color palette.


An alluring and attractive central bath sits in the middle of the bathroom, allowing comfort to take its own central role as a ritual here. The suite bathroom is separated by a glass window from the remainder of the room, granting a restful and cozy experience in relaxation.



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+20 128 7831 831