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In 2003 Arch. Hany Saad decided to establish a company that combines his two passions, architecture And interior design, and without any previous experience, client, or portfolio HSI was born, after a few pro-bona jobs, and with word-of-mouth spreading like wildfire, HSI quickly became one of Egypt’s top residential and commercial interior design offices. And with a kids' furniture franchise (Caploonba) and two furniture and home accessories showrooms, HSI offers everything from the initial design concept, construction, interior design to furnishing supervision and even finishing touches.

Today ,HSl's list of satisfied clients features some of the country's market leaders and is ready to take on bigger projects and greater challenges. And after thirteen years of success, HSI aspires to become one of the region’s biggest architecture and design companies making an 'innovative mark in the world of interiors and more,

AND with innovation and creativity at heart, HSI designers take risks and break boundaries to make sure they imaginatively and effectively utilize spaces rather than simply abiding by the strict conventional space divisions. And despite constantly working under pressure and tight deadlines, HSI’s highly motivated team of designers share the vision of making HSI one of the region's premiere design companies, and feel they are all valuable members of the HSI Family. And with HSl’s philosophy being functionality combined with great materials and cost effectiveness, the result is always perfection at its finest.



We offer a complete Turnkey solution for your new build or construction project including full design and bespoke build services.
Turnkey construction contracts allow for a seamless design and build experience for the end users,
with the added value of the whole project team working together from day one, with its many advantages starting from the integrated design, cost estimating and comprehensive site and building analysis.